Successful women mentoring for brilliant girls.


The name of the PÚLSAR Program refers to a pulsar, a specific type of star that intensely emits radiation at regular intervals and has a strong magnetic field. Our pulsar stars are the mentors, a network of female professionals that irradiate knowledge and motivate girls between 15 and 18 years old. This way, as a team, the teenagers can develop their potential, achieve their professional aspirations, focusing on their talent (by discovering and strengthening it), and carry on with their training.

Intervention methodology is based on learning by doing, in that way, girls can be masters of their own destiny. Our methodology is oriented towards encouraging curiosity, exploration, discovery, interaction and the creation of content, as well as the reflection and connection of this way of learning with the day-to-day of the girls.


Since its launch in 2015, we have broaden the number of girls, mentors and schools participating. We stand up for the internationalization of this initiative, currently working in A Coruña, Barcelona, Cartagena, Lima, Madrid and São Paulo.

During the program, the girls in collaboration with their mentors, work on the following competences and in each session they work on a specific challenge that guides the overall program plan.


“The ability to enter someone else's world, to make [them] feel that you understand [them], that you have a strong common bond. It's the ability to go fully from your map of the world to [their] map of the world. It's the essence of successful communication… it is the ultimate tool for producing results with other people”.

Anthony Robbins, “Unlimited Power”, 1986

In the process each mentor directs and guides the development of the adolescent, creating a commitment between the two people, by sharing experiences and insights that will contribute to the personal and professional growth of both the mentor and mentee.

The pillars of mentoring must be based on trust, confidentiality, openness and the desire to develop.


The group of women who take part in the PÚLSAR Program as mentors come from different areas: education, business, the arts, sciences, etc... They are aware of the importance of reducing the social gender gap as a driver of economic and social development in our society. The aim is to continue promoting the economic and social development of our society thanks to women who want to inspire girls through their own experiences.


The PISA * report demonstrates that girls perform worse in math and science due to the lack of confidence they have in themselves, also that more girls in comparison with boys, believe that they are not prepared to enter the workplace, and a higher percentage of boys than girls say they participate in activities that prepare them for their working lives, these results are exacerbated in the most disadvantaged social strata. Parents and educational institutions are key to improving equal opportunities and reducing this gender gap so that girls are able to develop their full potential and contribute to their own growth and welfare and that of society.

* Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport: PISA FOCUS Nº49. What underlies gender inequality in education?