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Registration is open for the Empreenda Saúde Award

Prêmio Empreenda Saúde

The winner will receive a prize equivalent to R $ 50 thousand in gold bars, as well as specialized professional orientation to launch his idea in the Brazilian market.

Everis, a multinational consulting firm that offers strategic and business solutions, through its Foundation, is open enrollment (until September 1) for the Empreenda Saúde Award.

This initiative, which is in its third consecutive year in Brazil, aims to stimulate professionals and students from different areas to develop projects that can contribute to the improvement of practices, processes, technologies and management methods in the health sector, applied in three areas : Comprehensive Health Care; Efficiency in Products and Assistance Processes; and Mechanisms of Educational Integration and Health.

"We seek to contribute to the development of new talents through incentives of good practices, as well as stimulating the inventive spirit and overcoming future entrepreneurs in the most varied areas, whether in health, technology or development. We believe that new ideas can bring great contributions to the improvement of the health sector in the country, "says Raphael Bueno, a member of everis Health and responsible for the initiative in Brazil.

For Dr. Luiz Fernando Lima Reis, Director of Teaching and Research of the Sírio-Libanês Hospital and member of the evaluation committee and the panel of judges of the awards, it is very important to create opportunities such as this so that young researchers and institutions show their findings. "What stands out still more is the commitment to transform projects into reality, to ensure that all the effort applied during the innovation process does not end at the critical stage of reaching the market, transforming knowledge into products or processes that benefit society. It is this effort that we want to stimulate. "

The winning project will receive a prize equivalent to R $ 50 thousand in gold bars, as well as specialized professional orientation to put the idea into practice in the Brazilian market. The winner will be chosen by an evaluation committee and a panel of judges composed of renowned members of the teaching, research and innovation areas and entrepreneurs from the most diverse health sectors in Brazil.

Individuals residing in Brazil, individually or in groups, can register their projects or business plans for the health area until September 1st, at In the case of groups, it is necessary to elect a representative responsible for the registration, who will cite the other members in the register.


The project registration must be done via digital file by the site, accompanied by the registration form and the title page with a brief summary of the proposal. The work must contain the exposure of the problem with the idea and the methodology for its implementation, benefits envisaged and results of economic-financial evaluation of the project. Along with the final project can also be incorporated a video presentation of the respective proposals.

After technical screening, the approved projects will be sent to the judging committee, whose analysis will take into account the criteria of applicability (relevance of the problem), innovation and level of contribution to improve the health system (size of the beneficiary population).

The five finalists will be invited to give a presentation to jurors on October 26. The winning bid will be announced during the awards ceremony on November 30th.

2nd edition - 2016

Last year, the award received 627 entries, more than double the previous edition, and had as finalist startup Fófuuu with a project that unites medicine and software technology to develop fun exercises in speech therapy using a video game interface .

The other finalists were:

Listen - An application that turns your smartphone into a hearing aid.
Nuclearis - information system in nuclear medicine.
Portable Retinograph - connected and portable system for high resolution retinography.
Beone Tech - treatment for diabetic foot and wounds that are difficult to heal


Thursday 20 September 2018
Pitch finalists Empreendimento Saúde Award
Monday 27 August 2018
Selection of the finalists of the Prêmio Empreenda Saúde
Monday 06 August 2018
Evaluation of the projects by the jury

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Prêmio Empreenda Saúde

The winner will receive a prize equivalent to R $ 50 thousand in gold bars, as well as specialized professional orientation to launch his idea in the Brazilian market.

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A total of 217 registered projects were analyzed,

proposing innovative solutions for health through technology.